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Solar World

SolarWorld is a solar pioneer, one of the world’s largest solar-technology producers and the largest U.S. solar panel manufacturer for 40 years. In its technology, manufacturing, performance, service and environmental track record, the company is a solar industry leader.


SolarWorld dedicates itself exclusively to the business of solar energy. Plus, it combines the most important stages of the photovoltaic value chain so that it can uphold high quality and environmental standards at every stage. SolarWorld operates factories in the United States and Germany as well as sales offices in all of the world’s solar markets, providing top quality commercial solar power, solar systems for government, as well as solar panels for homes.           Click Here for More Information.

LG Solar

With state-of-the-art technology developed by LG Electronics and LG Chem, we are ready to make the world a more solar enriched environment. Through a strong commitment to our principals the LG brand that has earned great respect and popularity around the world. Our relentless pursuit of quality assurance in making superior products is unparalleled. 


Price, performance, reliability and quality … everything in our line-up of solar modules is tried and tested like no other. LG applies rigid standards to material procurement, solely targeting products that have undergone previous technical analysis, laboratory tests, and field tests. World-renowned partners supply all of the materials for LG Electronic modules.

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Canadian Solar

Canadian Solar exists to make the difference. To customers, colleagues, partners, investors and all whose lives we touch. We are also here to make a positive difference to the environment and society as a whole. We do this by providing exceptional products and services that meet the specific needs of customers, employees, partners and investors.


Canadian Solar has a geographically diversified pipeline of utility-scale power projects. With the company’s recent acquisition of Recurrent Energy, Canadian Solar’s total project pipeline is now 9 GW, including an increase in the late-stage project pipeline to 2.4 GW. With two state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Ontario, Canadian Solar employs over 8,000 workers worldwide. This translates into more than 10 GW of panel shipments, or 30 million PV modules, in the past 14 years. Together with Recurrent Energy, Canadian Solar is ushering the way into a new era of clean, competitive, mainstream power.

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Zamp Solar

Zamp Solar was born early one night when a neighbor camper knocked on the door and asked if the generator could be turned off for the rest of the night as it was keeping his family awake. The generator was being used to power a sleep apnea machine through the night. Sleep apnea machines are used to provide a restful nights sleep to people who have a problem with proper airflow. They use a fair amount of power to run the machine 6 to 8 hours a night. Regular battery charging or a constant power source is necessary. After a bit of exploratory problem solving, solar provided to be a more than applicable solution.


Power generators were the go to power source for campers, RV’s, travel trailers and other adventure seeking souls that spend countless nights away form any accessible on grid hook up. Solar is reducing and replacing the use of generators very quickly. Solar is quiet, low maintenance, clean and powerful.                    Click For More Information


Noun :

A panel exposed to radiation from the sun, used to heat water or, when mounted with solar cells to produce electricity through direct current.

Also known as : Photovoltaics, Module, Solar Cells.

Suniva Solar

Suniva is the leading American manufacturer of high-efficiency, cost-competitive PV solar cells and modules. The company is known worldwide for its high-quality solar products, patented low-cost manufacturing technology, and long-term reliable performance. Our ground-breaking manufacturing process ensures the combination of high power and exceptional value in every product we make, while our research milestones continue to set the standard in the global PV marketplace.


Since our inception in 2008, Suniva has led the industry in high-performance, affordable cells. We make record-setting 20+% conversion efficiency full-size cells in our labs, and we average 19+% efficiency daily on our production lines - manufacturing the world's highest commercially-available cell efficiencies using low manufacturing costs.


Suniva is committed to providing the highest levels of quality and reliability in our products and treating our customers with the utmost professionalism. Together, we are working to increase the practical adoption of PV solar energy worldwide.

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