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Renewable Energy has many different forms and applications. Solar can be used for marine and rv applications to maintain the charge of a dormant battery or it can supply power to a remote cabin. No matter what the applicaiton, Lime Solar can help. We have designed systems all around the state of Alaska providing power in the some of the harshest environments. For our customers that appreciate recreation, it is essential that when they go "off grid" they don't have to unplug from technology.

Powering Alaska's Future with Today's Resources


Recreational Applications - Mobile, RV's, Boats, and Cabins    

It’s a fact electricity is getting more expensive, and there is no sign of added cost going down in the near future. However, there is hope alternative energy options like solar, wind, hydro, and geothermal have the potential to get Alaskans back on the right track. Resident's can increase the value of their property while decreasing the electricity costs. Worried about going without power, don't by a backup generator, purchase a backup battery system that will not only provide emergency power but will also offer a sustainable option in the case of a long term power outage.

We Put the Solar in the Polar

Residential Solar, Wind, and Hybrid Systems

When your running a business the last thing you want to spend money on is your energy bills. However, several businesses are catching on with the extended tax incentives and federal tax credits now is the best time to invest in solar or wind to reduce operation and maintenance costs. In fact, several new building projects are receiving savings by reducing energy costs by integrating solar into the design of the builidng. State and Federal entities have high energy demands or need for remote power all accross the state of Alaska, Lime Solar helps provide custom solutions

The solar industry has become a viable solution to reduce high rural enegy costs.

Commercial, State, and Federal Projects

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