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Noun :

a container consisting of one or more cells, in which chemical energy is converted into electricity and used as a source of power.

Types Known As: Deep Cycle, Automotive, Marine, Lead Acid, AGM, Gel, Lithium

US Battery


U.S. Battery is the industry leader in manufacturing deep cycle batteries specifically for: solar power, renewable energy, golf car batteries, marine, wind power, energy storage, sweeper batteries, scrubber batteries, automotive, flooded battery, deep cycle batteries, agm , sealed batteries, and most other uses for deep cycle batteries. U.S. Battery has been building flooded lead acid batteries since 1928 and has always put quality before quantity since the day our first battery rolled off the assembly line. We stand behind our product now, then and in the future. You will not find a more family oriented battery manufacturing company anywhere in the USA. We are your golf car battery source.


Our American made batteries are the best quality longest lasting most dependable Energy Storage batteries manufactured on earth guaranteed. Our line is specific for: Solar, Golf Cart Battery,  Marine,  Renewable,  Storage, Sweeper, Scrubber, Lift Access,  Auto, Military, Electric Vehicle Conversion, 6 volt, 8 volt, 12 volt and many other applications where AGM, sealed or deep cycle batteries may be needed. Please keep U.S. Battery in mind every time you jump in your golf car & tee up, shine a floor, start your next marine adventure, hook up solar panels, need a lift access ride to the top floor or when powering up your EV electric car.


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Rolls Surrette Batteries

Established in 1935, Surrette Battery Company Limited is proud to be one of North America’s leading lead-acid battery producers and Canada’s only remaining independent battery manufacturer.  Located in Springhill, Nova Scotia, we produce a wide range of Rolls-branded premium deep cycle batteries for use in Renewable Energy, Marine, Motive Power and Railroad applications.  Rolls flooded and sealed AGM VRLA products are internationally recognized for their dependability, outstanding quality and industry-leading manufacturer warranties.

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Enersys Batteries

EnerSys is the global leader in stored energy solutions for industrial applications. We manufacture and distribute reserve power and motive power batteries, battery chargers, power equipment, battery accessories and outdoor equipment enclosure solutions to customers worldwide. 


The EnerSys range of batteries for solar panels, wind turbines and water turbines applications have been specially designed to provide high cycling performance and a safe, uninterrupted supply of energy. We take our responsibility to the Earth very seriously and continually research ways to make our stored energy solutions environmentally-friendly. Our engineers have developed battery technology that meets environmental, economical, and technical demands for solar as well as renewable energy.

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