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Trailside Phase II

Trailside Phase II

UAF Fire Department

UAF Fire Department

North Pole Residential Solar

North Pole Residential Solar

Sustainable Village and Cold Climate

Sustainable Village and Cold Climate

Price Street Duplexes

Price Street Duplexes



Lowering ELectricity Costs Through Solar in Alaska

New Lime Solar location at 7731 E. Northern Lights Unit 250 Anchorage, AK

Welcome to Lime Solar

We have provided and serviced renewable energy solutions for all of Alaska since 2013.


If you have a house, remote cabin, RV, boat, commercial building for consideration...or looking for portable devices, let us see how we can help.


Our office is open 9-5pm Monday through Friday in our Anchorage location with a new remote office in Homer by appointment.

The Future of Energy is Here! 

Become a part of it!


Find the Solution to Your Energy Needs



Trickle Charges for Campers in Alaska, Solar Powered RV's in Alaska, Portable Solar Kits for RVs
Wind and Solar Charges for boats in Alaska, Solar Charging Kits for Boats, Trickle Chargers for Boats in Alaska

Power up your RV or motorhome with solar or wind. Enjoy the outdoors and open road without the need of a noisy generator. Click to find out more information about the right RV System for you.

Recharge your boat with a solar or wind system. Never be without power again. Click to find out more information about the right system for your boat.

Solar for Cabins in Alaska, Off Grid Solar in Alaska, Remote Power systems in Alaska


Whether you are an occasional weekend attender, or a full time cabin customer, we can design a system specifically to fit your energy needs. Click to find out more about our cabin systems.


Residential Solar in Alaska, Grid Tied Solar for Alaskan Homes, Residential Solar in Alaska

It’s a fact electricity is getting more expensive. We can help you lower your electric bill, or even design an emergency back up system to ensure your home stays on when the power goes out. Click to find out more.

Commercial Solar, Solar for Businesses, Tax Credits for Busineses


When your running a business the last thing you want to spend money on is your energy bills. Find out how to reduce your operational costs while taking advantage of Federal Tax Credits.

Not sure where to start? Here is the Lime Solar Process

Lime Solar Guarantee, Welcome to Solar in Alaska


In order to meet your needs, we would like to customize a system specific to your energy goals. You can email, phone, or sit down with a Lime Solar expert, today.

Residential Site Surveys in Alaska, System Design in Alaska, Renewable Energy Design in Alaska

Site Visit

Usually, to design you the best system a site visit is scheduled to make sure there is no unknowns or unexpected factors in the design and installation process.

Alaska Solar Engineers, Lime Solar Engineering Team,Alaska Engineering and Consulting, System Design in Alaska


Once we evaluate your specific needs a Lime Solar Engineer can create the best system for you. We can also provide the  required engineering to your utility company.

Solar in Alaska, Solar in Cold Climates, Snow on Solar Panels


Alaska's Best Customer Service, Alaska Best Renewable Energy Company, Solar Support for Alaskans

Follow Up

Sometimes Alaskans enjoy installing these systems themselves, if that is the case we will assist you in the process. Otherwise, allow our installation partners to give you a  turn key install. 

At Lime Solar, we desire customer satisfaction, we want your feedback on what we can do better and assist with any issues that come up with your system.

Begin the Process Now

What's New With Lime Solar ?

Solar Companies in Alaska, Renewable Energy in Alaska, Lime Solar in Alaska Business Monthly
Enphase Micro Inverters, Solar Micro inverters, Micro inverters technology in Alaska
Trouble shooting and technical support in Alaska, Servicing inverters, batteries, wind turbines, solar panels all over Alaska

Lime Solar was mentioned in Alaska Business  Monthly about the increasing solar industry in Alaska. Read More.

Micro Inverter Technology is sweeping the industry. Now systems are more efficient, more modular, and less expensive than ever. Read More.

Lime Solar has  great industry experience. Find out what common mistakes you may be missing to optimize your system. Contact Us For Immediate Assistance.

Lime     Solar

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